Five in the Hive

My roommate, Kane loves football! For years, he and his friends have played a fantasy football game with a bit of a twist. Each week during the season, each person chooses five NFL teams that they think will win against the Vegas spread for a specific game. In the past, everyone shared their picks in a group message, and calculated a leaderboard at the end of each week and again at the end of the season, but all that was a ton of work, so we made it easier!

Five in the Hive is Kane’s game as a web app. The app is hosted completely on AWS. The front-end is in Angular, hosted in S3, and distributed with CloudFront. The API is written in node, and hosted as a Lambda Function. The data-updating scripts are also hosted with Lambda but written in C#. We use DynamoDB as the database.

Click below to play! It’s a PWA, so if you love it, you can install it to your phone.

updated on 09-02-2021