Curse of Strahd Obsidian Notes

I DM’ed my first D&D 5e campaign, and I might have picked the most complicated one for my first time 🙃. The Curse of Strahd campaign has a lot of information to keep track of, with a lot of complex relationships between NPCs and locations. In order to keep everything well organized, I decided to keep notes in Obsidian. Now that the party has completed over 25 sessions, I decided I had enough content to share with other DMs.

While the notes are pretty specific to our campaign and probably can’t be used as-is by other DMs, others may find the structure of the Obsidian vault helpful. Each character and location has notes and links to other related campaign entities. New DMs can copy this vault and update the notes to fit their own needs.

Accompanying the notes, I created an exact copy in the form of a website. I also created a spoiler-free zone on the site that has all of the session notes with links removed. There’s a spoiler-free handout section that has a list of all the items/maps the PCs have come across so far in the campaign. The handouts are marked as public or not using properties in their frontmatter.